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When getting together with clients, speaking in front of a group, or in an interview, you know you can feel confident about your smile.

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Doug Smith is now offering free teeth whitening in Logan UT with New Patient Exam, Cleaning, and X-Rays. Call 435-752-4882, or post your email in the form to the right. What you will get is a top quality in office Opalescence® teeth whitening application valued at $250.

What exactly is the difference between whitening teeth at home versus professional teeth whitening done in a dentist office?

The answer is a matter of quality. Over the counter products can work, but there are a few disadvantages, which include:

  • Teeth bleaching strips don’t whiten back teeth, only front teeth will be whitened.
  • Over the counter whitening strips don’t include the potency or concentration of bleach, nor is it as effective as that delivered by professionals.
  • Chemicals and abrasives found in several over the counter teeth whitening products could cause harm to tooth enamel, sensitivity to gums and teeth, or, if accidentally swallowed can make somebody sick.
  • If results are not noticeable in a short time, because expense is small with over the counter teeth bleaching, it can be tempting to purchase many repeat applications. Without realizing it, this cost can add up quickly over time and a person may find him or herself shelling out as much or more than the cost of having had it done by a professional to begin with.

At home teeth whitening is still safe when done properly according to directions, even though there are some disadvantages.

Professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth bleaching by a dentist provides the advantage of having a trained professional responsible for the whole procedure. If difficulties happen during the bleaching process, such as teeth sensitivity, the dentist will easily be able to deal with these problems as they come up.

Your dentist will give you a custom tray that is formed to match your teeth and will direct you on how to properly use it for best results.

Annually millions of people have their teeth whitened and very few experience issues or suffer negative side effects from the procedure.

You might be surprised to discover that even though over the counter teeth whitening kits are typically less costly, there are many discounts and incentives offered by dentists for professional teeth whitening. Doug Smith is now offering free teeth whitening in Logan UT with New Patient Exam, Cleaning, and X-Rays. Call 435-752-4882, or submit your email in the form above.

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